I enjoy curating custom workshops to fulfill people's different punch needle interests. Happy to host private workshops and team events. I am based in Helsinki & open to travel :)
I frequently collaborate with TeeMaa, a cozy tea shop and tea house located on Annankatu 19. Our joint workshops offer a unique blend of creativity and relaxation, combining the tactile pleasure of working with yarn textures with the sensory delight of tea tastings. 
Booking time before the workshop
Ideally – 1 month before
Still comfortable to organise – 2 weeks before
In very special cases, more stressful but possible :) – 1 week before

Punch needle is loved all over the world
Forgiving for both beginners and experienced punchers: work can be easily undone and redone at any moment.
Creative & playful: offers the freedom to improvise and undo stitches effortlessly. This fosters a supportive environment for building intuition, self-trust, and practising intuition-based decision-making.
Working with hands and experiencing the created yarn textures is beneficial for relaxation, being present and experiencing the world in a tangible way.
Leave me a message & I'll send you a tailored proposal
Thank you!Heli
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