From the collection – Embracing Restlessness
Embracing Restlessness is a visual roadmap, narrating my journey of self-acceptance through tangible forms. Each piece within this collection represents a chapter, capturing a moment within the restless and chaotic process that has given shape to this body of work.
My work method – guided by intuition rather than conscious choice – is one that brings a lot of restlessness and alertness within me. Working with punch needle is a slow and repetitive process. This technique is very forgiving – I can always redo stitches, make my decisions quickly and without a plan, never knowing where the work is going. I often use colours and materials that I don’t necessarily like or enjoy. Mistakes are part of my work, colours or shapes that I don’t think could or should work together, are welcomed and binded within the work.
From start to finish – there is a lot of discomfort, restlessness, unease. In the same space is the search for harmony, calmness, meaning and trust. With my previous works I have favoured searching for harmony and calmness to keep with me while working and after the work is done. This time though, I deliberately embraced the sense of restlessness.
Through this body of work, I've grown more at ease with this restlessness, this bouncing and uneasy state. I danced with my own inner parts that at first glance may conflict with each other, but once accepted, form a complete body of work, complete body of me.
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